Miu Miu Inspired Sneakers

“600 dollars for a shoe – that’s just some ignorant bi-ch (sh-t) I call that getting swindled and pimped (sh-t) I call that getting tricked by a business That shoe’s hella dough” (Thrift Store by Macklemore w/ some obvious lyric changes) I will never be able to wrap my head around paying 600 dollars for a […]

Owl You Great Sweater

\ I found this sweater while ‘fantasy’ shopping on Polyvore. Unfortunately,I can’t seem to find the link anymore. But I am fairly certain it was MUCH cheaper to DIY than to buy straight off. The sweater was a Thrift Store find and most of my crafting items were found on Jo-Ann. Remember to go look […]

Penguins Sweater

  Can you tell the difference between these two penguin sweaters? If you guessed peter pan collar, you’re wrong (well, partially right.) The one on the left I DIY for under 8 dollars. The other is a 60 dollar sweater from modcloth. Supplies  Sweater Fabric Glue (I used Aleene’s Fabric Fusion. It worked great.) Two […]

Cloud Sweater

I am sorry for the quality of the pictures. I am new to the world of photo-documenting.  It seems like your favorite sweaters or shirts are always the one that gets stains. There, right in the middle, was this noticeable grease spot. Unable to wash it, I left it languishing in my closet in the “clothes I […]