Miu Miu Inspired Sneakers




“600 dollars for a shoe – that’s just some ignorant bi-ch (sh-t)
I call that getting swindled and pimped (sh-t)
I call that getting tricked by a business
That shoe’s hella dough” (Thrift Store by Macklemore w/ some obvious lyric changes)

I will never be able to wrap my head around paying 600 dollars for a pair of sneakers. So when I saw this Miu Miu Glitter Sneakers DIY floating around, I had to try it for myself.


Canvas Shoes (A lot of people used Chucks, but I brought two pairs of 5 dollar Wal Mart Canvas shoes instead.Works just fine)

Modge Podge Matte Finish

Paint Brush

Glitter ( 4 oz gold, 4 oz silver tubes can be found at Wal Mart. 2oz Extra Fine Sapphire, 2 oz  Extra Fine Onyx)

Painter’s Tape

Paper Plates or anything to put glue on


Gem Glue ( I used Gem-Tac)

Black and Silver gem stones

36 inch Black and 36 inch silver shoe laces (Optional. You can always use the shoe lace the shoes came with.Bu I think the laces really make the shoes special.)

NOTE: The process for the black/blue shoes and the gold/silver shoes are exactly the same. I just posted pictures of the ones I took. But the process doesn’t change! 

Step 1) 


Tape the inside of the shoes, rubber bottom and toe front of the shoes. Basically any places you don’t want glitter on.

NOTE: If you are using an old pair of shoes, you will want to clean them beforehand. It will make a different. 

Step 2)


Add an even layer of glue, one side at a time.


Pour Glitter over the sneakers. While the glue doesn’t dry fast, you will only want to do one side at a time. So glue, then glitter, then repeat another side.

I found this easiest to do on two paper plates. Go back and forth, with one plate catching extra glitter and the other pouring glitter.

Don’t forget to do the tongue!

Step 3)


Wait a couple of hours and then remove the tape at the toe front. I waited about 24 hours. You don’t need to wait that long.

Use the same step for the toe front as you did the body.


Step 4)


Wait a couple of more hours and then once the shoe feels dry, shake off excess glitter. You will find that you have a couple of ‘bald spots’. That’s totally normal. Just got over the bald spots with glue and glitter.

Step 5)


While the shoe is drying, you can decide what you want on your toe. For the Blue/Black pair, I did a more traditional opulence center piece. For the Gold/Silver, I did a more simple bow design.

Glue your design where you want it. You will find that you can only do one side at a time. Once the front side was dry, I turned the shoe over to do the side and then let it dry in this position.


Step 6)

Once everything is dry, add an even layer of modge podge over the entire body of the shoe. I skipped over the toe gem part. Adding a layer of glue will keep the glitter on the shoes for longer. It dries clear, so the shoes will look the same.

Step 7)


Lace up! You may find that your shoe lace hole has been covered by glitter. Don’t worry! It’s not permanent. Use an exacto knife or regular knife and carefully remove the excess glitter and glue.


For the blue/black shoes, I did the bar lace. It’s important if you are using the Wal Mart canvas shoes or any shoes with only four or less holes, that you don’t buy your shoe laces too long. I found 36 inches to be perfect. The 45 inches were too long!


For the gold/silver, I did the Sawtooth lacing.

NOTE: There is a subtle, but definite difference between the coarse/regular glitter and the extra fine. The extra fine glitter was a much more muted feel. You can still tell it’s glitter. But it’s more smooth. While the coarse/regular, is very in your face, Ke$ha style glitter.



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