Free People T-Shirt Refashion




I understand the reasoning behind owning more than one white shirt. But I could never buy a duplicate of something I already own. I’d rather squirrel away the money for something else. So when I lost my only white shirt to an unfortunate food stain, I was at a lost. What to do? 

A few months ago, I came across this blouse design. I’m usually not for such a bold graphic design. But I like the elegant simplicity. The problem is that the blouse was part of a gown that cost over ONE THOUSAND dollars. That’s ridiculous. So I thought, why not just transplant my favorite part of the gown onto a much cheaper shirt. 


Fabric Paint (I brought Tulip Slick Black. You can buy Matte, but the slick gives it a closer feel to the Free People’s inspiration gown)

Wax Paper


Step 1)



Iron out your shirt. You want a smooth surface to work on. I place my shirt on an old drawing board. You don’t need this. A desk would do fine. Lay wax paper underneath. This is very important! The paint will seep onto the other side if you don’t. 

Step 2)



Paint! Make sure you buy a fabric paint that comes with the narrow tip as opposed to just the tube. While you can use a paintbrush to this design, it is so much easier just to squeeze it out of the tube like frosting. 



I used a ruler to keep my lines and pattern straight. Make sure to wipe down the ruler after each use. It will catch paint no matter how careful you are. 

Step 3)



Let dry for at least 24 hours to wear and 72 to wash. I have worn this shirt a couple of times. I find it best to turn the shirt inside out, before hand washing. The paint so far have held up. 





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