Owl You Great Sweater


I found this sweater while ‘fantasy’ shopping on Polyvore. Unfortunately,I can’t seem to find the link anymore. But I am fairly certain it was MUCH cheaper to DIY than to buy straight off. The sweater was a Thrift Store find and most of my crafting items were found on Jo-Ann. Remember to go look on their website for coupons!



Gem Glue ( I used Gem-Tac. It worked fine.)

3 Bags of Topaz 3MM Rhinestone (with a LOT left over.)

2 Bags of Crystal 5MM Rhinestones (Just enough. Depending on the size of your owl, you may want to buy 3)

2 Black Rhinestones (you can buy them separate. But I had to buy the entire 20 piece pack.)

Wax or Parchment Paper 

Newsprint or Blank Paper 


Tweezers (like for eyebrows)

Step One


I free hand drew the owl. But feel free to use a google image find if you are uncertain about your drawing skills. I recommend you draw it with the sweater nearby so you get a feel for the relative size. I used newsprint, but any paper will do. 

Step Two



Cut out the owl. Put on the sweater and place the owl where you want it to see on you. Then place some tape to secure the owl in place. You don’t want wobbly lines on your owl. Put wax paper inside your sweater. Otherwise, it will begin to stick on to the other side!

Now, you’re ready to glue. I found it easier to first put down your glue and then place rhinestones  on. Be sure to only do small areas at a time. The glue does dry faster than you think! Secondly, use tweezers to put the rhinestones on. It is possible to do the larger clear ones by hand. But it is virtually impossible with the smaller topaz one. 


Remove the paper to get the outline. You will probably have some paper stuck between the rhinestones. It can be tricky to remove. So use tweezers and do the best you can. From far away, no one can tell. 

From then. Keep Gluing! 




To get symmetrical eyes, you’ll want to use a cut out. I used the cap of a vitamin bottle as a template. I just eye balled where I placed it. Once your done with the outline, add the black rhinestone ‘eyeballs’. 



Feel free to use any belly design you want. If you do want to use zig zags, I would recommend cutting out another template. It gives it a more even look. 

Step 3



Once your done with your owl, wait 24 hours for it to dry completely. A word of warning, this project requires A LOT of patience. It took me three days to finish it. But it is well worth the effort. 







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