Penguins Sweater



Can you tell the difference between these two penguin sweaters? If you guessed peter pan collar, you’re wrong (well, partially right.) The one on the left I DIY for under 8 dollars. The other is a 60 dollar sweater from modcloth.



Fabric Glue (I used Aleene’s Fabric Fusion. It worked great.)

Two sheets of Black Felt

Two sheets of White

Newsprint or any blank paper

Wax Paper

Step 1) 


Place a sheet of newsprint or blank paper on the sweater.  Then loosely mark the length of the Tall and Short Penguin so that they both fit and look proportional on the sweater. Free draw penguin. If you are not confident with your drawing skills, then google some penguin print outs.

Step 2)

Once you finish drawing, cut out the penguin. Pictured here is the Tall Penguin, but the procedure for the Tall and Short penguin are identical.  Lay the penguin onto the felt so that it fits. Tape the back so it stays securely onto the felt. Begin cutting.

Cutting out the shape with give you the black body. Be sure to trim any rough edges.

Step 3)


Now to cut out the white body, cut out the white section of the penguin. To the right of the completed penguin, you can see the white head part I cut out.  Then follow the same steps for the black body.

Step 4) Once you finish cutting out all the shapes, assemble, then glue. The direction on the bottle say to leave it on for at least 3-4 hours. I did my overnight. You want to lay your penguins on a flat surface and make sure the glue is evenly applied. I found that I often left the edges without enough glue. Lay a heavy book or any flat surface object. Let sit until completely dry.

Step 5)

Time to get your sweater ready. De-pill and iron. Tedious, but these steps are very important. Once your penguins are done drying, you can now begin to glue them onto your sweater. Place a sheet of wax paper inside your sweater. It will prevent the glue from seeping into the other side.

Once you’ve arranged the penguins where you want them to be, glue it! Lay it on a flat surface and place something heavy on top of it.

Step 6) When your penguins are dry and securely attached to your sweater, remove the book. Put on the sweater and enjoy the parades of compliments that is coming your way.


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