Cloud Sweater

I am sorry for the quality of the pictures. I am new to the world of photo-documenting. 

It seems like your favorite sweaters or shirts are always the one that gets stains. There, right in the middle, was this noticeable grease spot. Unable to wash it, I left it languishing in my closet in the “clothes I wear when no one is looking” section.

Until! I came upon this project.

Instead of doing polka dots, I wanted to do clouds.


Foam Brush


Fabric Paint (I brought Tulip Matte)

Wax Paper



Step 1)

With computer or any blank paper, cut our your desired shape. Once you’re ready to start cutting, first remove the handle and inside plastic. The inside plastic can be hard to remove. So go slowly. Tape your shape to the brush and begin cutting. Once done, remove the paper outline and trim any messy sides.

As an option, you can reuse the handle by hot gluing it to the top of the stamp. I found it easier to use.

Step 2)


Now you’re ready to grid. Lay down your shape to make sure that each row will be large enough for your print. I start off in the middle, where my stain was. But you can start anywhere. Before you start painting, be sure to lay some wax paper inside the sweater. Otherwise, the pain may bleed onto the other side.

Step 3) Painting time. First off, do a few test stamp. You’ll want to drag your stamp from one side to another to make sure the paint covers evenly. Carefully, lay it down in each grid. You may want to hand press the sides . Then slowly release. Do this until all the grid squares are covered.

Step 4) Let dry overnight.

Step 5) Remove tape. Viola! You have a new sweater!


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